Moving cross country is not so different from shifting to a residence within your locality. All that varies is the time spent in travel and the increase in cost. But, with prior planning, you can also get the job done within your budget. It's not as tough as some people assume.

The cross country movers cost specified by a company is always variable. Based on the availability of trucks, the city to which you plan to move, time of the year and many other factors play a vital role in the cost. If you are looking for an approximate estimate, here it is. It could easily cost somewhere between $5000 and $15000. The drastic variation in the overall expenses could baffle you but that's how it is.

You may have to move to a location that is located five hundred miles from your current residence and sometimes it could be as high as three thousand miles. As you can see, the difference is huge which is why the cost will shoot up based on the distance. Besides, there will be additional toll fee, charges and taxes for each state. In order to handle all this, a company that has proven experience in the specific area is the one you should go for. Always go for a full service van line that has a strong network nationwide because they are the ones who will be able to provide you the best rates.


When you get an instant moving quote from a company, it will be much easier to plan your budget. Besides, know the various costs involved in relocation including packing supplies, labor costs and more. According to industry standards, you should pay at least $40 per hour to hire a professional and the rates will increase based on their years of experience.

In order to pack and load a two bedroom or three bedroom house, you need to hire at least four professionals. It will make it easier to lift and move furniture, especially heavy ones. The cost comes up to $160 per hour and it will take at least four hours for them to finish moving stuff. For larger homes, a full eight hours is required.

Packing supplies are provided by the company which is usually included with the overall cost. You can know more about it using the moving cost estimator. For people who are on a strict budget, it is possible to acquire these supplies on your own. The necessary tapes and bubble wraps can be purchased from wholesale stores while you can get the packing cartons for free from your local supermarket or library. They may not reduce the entire cost but will help save a few hundreds on the go.

Going for full service solutions is advisable as you don't have to individually rent a truck and find labors. The service provider will take care of you right from packing your goods to loading them and unloading them in the destination, including surcharges and other additional costs.