Did you know what self service moves is all about? We will elaborate you on the benefits of having one because compared to a full service mover, this method of relocation is very convenient for those need freedom of choice. You can pack at your own pace, load the goods all by yourself and unload them in your new residence without being in a frenzy all the time.

To put it simply, when you choose a self-service option, you are the owner and the deciding authority. A moving company will not be tailing you behind all the time which is something that some customers really enjoy. After all, you may have to keep up with the schedule, unload your goods on the same day and make that 12-hour the busiest time in your life with full services right? But, you do have some benefits as well. Here's an elaborate guide for you.


As a customer you should know how both these services work because only when you know the basics, you will be able to hire the right people and make appropriate decisions. In a full service, a manager will be assigned to you who will take care of everything and will instruct the labors accordingly. Every cost including the charges for the labors, toll fee and others will be included in your Moving Companies Reviews.

However, in self-service relocation you don't have someone like that proceeding over the process. Instead it is more like a limited service where the truck will be delivered and parked in your venue. Most companies allow three days for you to pack your goods and load them in. Once done, on the appointed date the driver will drive the truck to your new address. You will be given another three days to unload and unpack your goods. Everything is taken care of by your family, friends and neighbors which makes it more of a personal affair.


You can easily use a moving cost estimator to see how cheap this self-service method is because of the limited services offered. The basic services covered under this package is the rental for the truck and the charges for the professional driver. No other packing, labor or unloading charges are included which makes it a more viable option for budget conscious customers. Some companies even over a moving unit which is a large box within which you can place all your goods. It saves space and reduces hassle within your home until moving day.


If you belong to a large family where most members are capable of packing their own goods, this is a good option. In other scenarios, if you have friends nearby for assistance, you can save some money by doing it yourself. The cost efficient solution is ideal for those who like to have more freedom of choices and like to do things themselves without relying on someone else. It also lets you handle your precious items yourself if you think a third person handling it might give you the jitters. It’s a do-it-yourself moving solution for you.