The strategies that you apply for moving your company doesn't apply to auto transport because the process is entirely different and as a customer, if you know the basics you can get the job done without any difficulty. For your convenience, we have split the process into different steps. Read them to get a comprehensive idea about moving your car, SUV or any other vehicle.


As you do usually for most of your needs, use the internet because almost every company in your locality has a presence online. Finding a company and acquiring instant moving quotes is not difficult. You will find many of them willing to offer you their services. Just don't jump into the cheapest quote that you find because it could be a good service but in most cases they are either a scam or have other caveats.

Spend time shortlisting the best moving companies in your locality and visit them if possible. While e-mails and phone calls do help, it is always best to check them in person. When you are lobbying a company, understand the different types of services they offer. If you are planning to move your residence as well as your vehicle at the same time, ask them to confirm if they provide both these services under one roof. If they do, you are in luck.

In a different scenario when they don't or if you find a better service provider for your car, plan your schedule ahead because both these people should be at your residence on the same day. You can’t ship off your vehicle a week earlier, right? So, double check their dates, pricing and ask them to be there on the proposed day.


Free moving estimates can help you know a lot about a company and how good they are. It should be reasonable, elaborate and most importantly versatile enough to suit your budget. A reputed company that has been serving customers for years would always be open to alter their cost based on your requirement. Once the initial stages are done, your next job is prepare your vehicle for the move.

Read through your vehicle manufacturer's website where they might have posted some articles on safety precautions and moving guidelines. The car should only have the basic necessities in it including the parts, accessories, first aid kit among other stuff. You are not allowed to keep your belongings inside it and move it together. It could either get lost in the transition or get damaged when the vehicle is loaded in to the truck. Clean your car thoroughly before you hand it over. Also, in case your vehicle is not in ready operation, specify it so that the movers could plan alternatives when shifting it between trucks.


Insurance plays a vital role in auto transport. Check if the company provides complete coverage for your vehicle. You can also confirm whether they offer door to door delivery so that you don’t have to visit the company to receive your car in a completely new place, where you are still getting accustomed to.