Hiring Texas movers and tipping them will not be a tough task once you learn the basic guidelines. Most well-informed customers will usually know how to hire the best service provider in the region. It's all about balancing the reviews they have received, service quality and cost. You can find more information in the database. When it comes to offering tips for the service provided, there’s always this one question. Are you giving off too much than what is required or is it too low that the employee may not be happy with what you gave him? Here’s how you could actually evaluate their service and do it the right way.

While what they are doing for you is purely a job role, it carries a lot of responsibility. If you calculate the money that you pay them, it might be nothing compared to the value of goods you entrust with them. When moving your residence, you have to completely trust them with all the belongings that you have acquired through hard work. There are protection factors like insurance which you can claim in case of any damage but those things come towards the end. After all, you really don’t wish to be following up all those paper work after losing your beloved item right? A mover should be responsible and care for your stuff. When they do it the right away, you should honor them with a good tip to make them happy which is not part of the moving company quote.

Before you start saying that you have already spent a lot for the relocation, you have to consider various facts. A poor and annoying job done by a professional could do a lot of damage than you could imagine. A dedicated professional would never do such things. Don't assume that it's easy to lift your items and reach the new location in no time. If they break your decade old vase or drag the furniture over the floor, it creates more trouble than you could ever imagine.

At the end, when they offer satisfactory, you can provide them a generous tip based on how well they have satisfied you. As a token of gratitude, you can even take the entire crew for a decent lunch or snack. You have paid the moving company but only when the individual takes care of your goods, you can experience hassle free relocation.

Ways to Evaluate the Tip

Before you tip, avoid calculating the same based on percentage that you paid the company. It hardly matters here because the price of the full truck could vary anywhere between $2000 and $10000 based on the distance you move. It includes truck cost, fuel, taxes but has nothing to do with the time spent in loading the truck and the care they had.

Split it based on the number of persons. For a half day’s work, you can consider paying $10 each while $20 is good for a full day of work. If there are heavy furniture, consider tipping them $40 which should usually make them happy. Add a lunch to it, if you please.