Moving to Oregon is like any other city because if you plan, pack properly and hire the right service providers, the job will be done without making it too difficult for you. As soon as you know that you have to relocate, it is common to feel petrified because the task looks huge at a first glance. Every household is filled with so many goods to be packed and loaded. Instead of looking it as a whole job, split it into smaller tasks so that you can take one step at a time.

Split your tasks

Never pressurize yourself too much by trying to complete everything at once. Split your tasks into different phases and focus on one at a given time. Start by acquiring moving company quotes from multiple service providers and shortlist them. Researching the market to find a good company is a task that requires the utmost attention because if you manage to choose the best, they will be there to support you till the end.

Talk to an Oregon moving company to know the services they offer and if they will be able to provide you truck rentals, in case you are shifting from a different city to Oregon. The cost is one of the important factors that drastically varies from one provider to another. There is no fixed rates as it will keep varying based on the day, time and the service you plan to avail. Check with multiple companies and shortlist the affordable ones. If you find it too less, you can ask how they managed to provide such a quote. If the reason is valid, there is nothing to worry about.

Moving Day

The biggest day is your moving day! Just don’t wait until the truck and the labors arrive to your venue so that they could help you start packing. You can start loading your items into boxes days or even weeks before their arrival. Keep all unused items in boxes, label and mark them so that it is easier to unpack. Leave the big items for the professionals to pack because being heavy, it is tough to dismantle and pack them on your own. Besides, you need proper tools and accessories to load them.

If you have kids at home or pets, consider leaving them with a friend or family member. It could help avoid injuries and will also allow the workers to focus on the task rather than babysitting on such an important day. Always be there when the goods are being packed and move. For additional security, take pictures of important items. In case they get damaged during the move, you can either claim insurance or ask the company to pay for the damage.

Tipping Labors

After spending an entire day helping you pack your goods and move you house, it is expected that you treat them nicely. Tip them at least 5% to 10% of the total costs based on the work involved. If they have shifted special items like piano, home theater system among many others, you could even tip them more.