Moving is stressful in most cases but the factors are many. Most people would simply plan their relocation within a week's time or sometimes feel too lazy to do the packing days earlier. If you know how to take some precautionary methods and plan it properly, it is possible to get the job done without any hassles. In terms of budget, a moving cost estimator is really helpful as it would help you know the cost before you sign up with a company. When you ask for the pricing, here are the important things that you should ask them.

Will they provide it in writing?

Moving estimates done over the web or phone are usually not provided in writing but some companies do so. You can ask them whether they would provide you the cost in writing. It is more accurate and the paper will serve as your guide when the final bill is presented. In case, the cost is too high, you can cross verify the written quote and question the company.

How does the pricing break-up work?

The moving estimates might sound confusing at first because you may not know how the break-up works. Instead of feeling lost, you can directly question the company representative and ask them to help you understand how the pricing structure works. The more clarity you get, the more comfortable you will be. Besides, some customers argue after the relocation is done assuming that the pricing is too high. Such issues occur because of not asking more about the break-up at an early stage.

What are the default services and add-on services?

Just because you have acquired quote doesn't mean it covers every cost related to moving. The basics will often cover only the cost for moving all your household belongings, packing, unpacking as well as truck rentals. In some cases, it will also include the cost of the labor who will help load them and unload them from the moving truck. If you are planning to have special packing for heavy or fragile items, it will most probably cost you extra. Ask these questions to the company before you sign the contract to know if you will be charged for any add-on services.

What about insurance and coverage?

Insurance is really important and there are different types of getting insured. The company will have a separate coverage while your goods will fall under a different category. Check if the cost also includes coverage for your belongings so that your valued items are protected throughout the process. They should most probably be able to cover all the costs involved in the transportation and compensate for any damages, if it might occur.

How accurate is the pricing?

A reputed moving company will provide you the most accurate pricing without you having to ask it again. But, it is good if you request the level of accuracy and ensure it wouldn't suddenly increase at the last moment. As a customer, you also have the responsibility of elaborating them of your belongings and other special needs to get the most accurate pricing.