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4050 Westgate Ave Suite 104,
West Palm Beach, Florida

Complete Moving Group is providing you 5 STARS moving services. We can help you facilitate all types of moves (Home, Car, Piano, Motorcycle, Jet-sky, etc.)


2018-06-27 00:00:00

A 43-year-old business professional, I recently completed a move with Complete moving group Company and found it the *best* lifetime moving experience, despite the modest cost. Owner & manager Brian K. maintained a superior level of communication throughout the process. Supervisor / mover Adam treated my belongings (as well as his colleagues) with an exceptional level of kindness, a behavior that is not frequently seen in business. Movers Pablo and Carlos were careful, hardworking, and attentive. They constituted an exceptional team that worked with uncanny efficiency. The competency of these guys juxtaposed against their humility was really striking. Complete moving group Company could easily be a case study for management excellence.

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