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4050 Westgate Ave Suite 104,
West Palm Beach, Florida

Complete Moving Group is providing you 5 STARS moving services. We can help you facilitate all types of moves (Home, Car, Piano, Motorcycle, Jet-sky, etc.)


2018-07-05 00:00:00

Complete moving group company did a great job with our move--and there were a lot of stairs and tight turns to deal with. They were prompt and efficient. They were responsive to suggestions (some of our furniture is not nice enough to warrant careful packing--when we said it didn't need to be wrapped up, they listened). They were very honest--they stopped for a break on the drive over, and made sure to tell us and let us know we would not be charged for the time. Adam, Carlos, and Ricardo were they guys who moved us, and they did an excellent job. Nothing was damaged and the move was fast and painless. We got a 5% discount for paying in cash. Excellent!

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