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Complete Moving Group is providing you 5 STARS moving services. We can help you facilitate all types of moves (Home, Car, Piano, Motorcycle, Jet-sky, etc.)

best moving company ever used


2018-07-18 00:00:00

best moving company ever used

I used these guys last week and decided to put a good word for them. I know it's hard to find a good moving company and most of the good companies are very expensive. Complete moving group was a lot more affordable and provided me excellent moving service. Brian was very informative over the phone, explained me everything in detail and made sure that I'll be well prepared and organized towards my move, he also ordered parking permits for me so the movers could park their truck easily on my delivery location. The movers showed up on time, the 3 of them were very friendly and before I signed the paper work they already started working! The wrapped all my furniture for no additional charge and loaded everything to the truck very fast. I was very impressed with the way they organized the moving truck! Amazing! The unloading went pretty smooth even though I moved to a second floor with 3 flight of stairs. Great job and great service!

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