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West Palm Beach, Florida

Complete Moving Group is providing you 5 STARS moving services. We can help you facilitate all types of moves (Home, Car, Piano, Motorcycle, Jet-sky, etc.)

Excellent service

Edward Colin

2018-07-21 00:00:00

Excellent service

Complete moving group is incredible. Jon and his crew helped my roommate and I move from miami to our new apartment in Tallahassee. Both apartments were tight walk-up buildings, but they managed to move our beds, dressers and our other belongings with ease. When I first got a quote from Jon, I was shocked at the difference in price between Complete moving group and other companies in the area. They are reasonably priced and when we hadn't accounted for a bunch of suitcases that needed to be moved, they said it was no problem and took the rest of our bags with them in their truck. Before the crew got to my house, I received a link from Complete moving group with a URL that led me to a live video stream inside the storage truck and inside the driver/passenger seats. They are all about complete transparency, no add-ons, and environmentally friendly practices (they don't use cardboard boxes or tape). Considering all the stress involved with a big move like mine, Complete moving group made the experience so much better. I would highly recommend them.

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