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We know moving can be stressful through a consumers experience as well as first hand working for companies that bring a bad name to the industry. With over 10 years of experience this company was inspired by a team of hard honest working individuals wanting to bring a new innovative way of helping people move and helping our carriers in our accredited network stay in compliance with dot standards. We truly believe a broker is fully responsible for actions of and only as good as the motor carrier in its network.

Moving Experience That Moves You


2018-10-16 00:00:00

Moving Experience That Moves You

You are excited and are looking forward to move to your new house or your new office. It takes you hours to find a moving company that by fluke or any reason grabbed your attention more than others. It could be their slick ads, enticing copy or nice looking picture of their tracks or reviews these days. You then pick up the phone; call them and make a final decision and choose the one you presumed to be "THE RIGHT ONE". But is it? Typically, during your conversation, they promise you the moon; however, you will not get a semi-accurate or reasonable cost. You will hear a good previously prepared sale pitch such as "we will let you know but we have to see your place first, how many bedrooms and etc." Some are reasonable questions. You feel happy that you could find an honest, decent truthful, reasonable moving company to move you... Or really To BE MOVED? This is where Innovative Moving Solution Corp comes in. We called, signed a contract with them 60 days before our move-out. They set a two-day window to ensure a reasonable smooth MOVE. They are a broker and work with different carriers for the move. In our case, they worked with Energy Moving Systems. Now, their game began to shape up... delays, after delays, promises violated and breached, phone calls were unanswered, professionalism found its place in excrement, scent of polite business words changed to Doo Doo or Freshly disposed manure droppings. Moving companies make great promises and will provide an answer to people or better said slaughter lambs. It was our experience. Indeed, we were the slaughter lambs. The carrier arrived late, offered numerous tactics and excuse, and delayed the packing and boxing our belongings, which resulted in delay and of course the crew did not hesitate to double their agreed fees alleging misestimating the volume that needed to be moved. Due to the time constraints, we were forced to box our belongings ourselves and find a safe place to store them. Since the moving company did not honor their contract, we asked for refund, which was denied initially but ultimately granted after we acted through our credit card company. Moving should be a good experience since we are excited to live or work in a new house or office. However, it could be also a nightmare to remember and true moving experience that not only has moved you but also moves beyond definition and behavior in professionalism in business, honoring contracts they sign, respecting rights of clients/customers, delays after delays, over charging, using uncivilized and unprofessional vocabulary, and much more. This is my experience with Innovative Moving Solution Corp. Research shows that there are other victims (see these for example https://www.yelp.com/biz/innovative-moving-solution-corp-miramar) with the same MOVING experiences that MOVED us. Is their behavior lack of professionalism, greed, carelessness, or arrogance? You decide... Perhaps future callers seeking a moving company should choose one that moves furniture or belonging not the experience. It is time for Innovative Moving Solution Corp to move and address these moving issues. Or there are other choices.

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