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Jill Cooper Murray

2020-06-23 15:00:19

THE WORST! When we moved with You Move Me, we moved 80% on our very own, including all breakables as well as valuables due to past experience. We left the fundamental large items (furniture, fridges, etc). Our brand-new Samsung refrigerator was dented in the procedure, as well as of program, it's the ice-maker door so has to be replaced rather of being repaired. The price is around $500. I was offered a refund of $212. They did provide a name of the company they make use of for repair services. (Hmmm, that should be an idea). This is due to the fact that I didn't handle EXTRA insurance they offered. When I was given the opportunity to take more insurance coverage and also questioned it, I was told they were bonded and also had insurance coverage as well as would be fine ... that this was for irreplaceable/sentimental things. I was NOT informed that the protection would certainly be tiny in the occasion it was asked for. I have a solid response to a company who concentrates on a solution yet holds you captive to even more cash need to you desire DECENT service. I suggest if you purchase an auto from a dealership, you don't expect to pay added cash to get air in the tires to drive it off the great deal. Moving is what they do as well as you expect it to be done well but I recommend if this is your assumption, do not utilize them.

Christian Rodriguez

2020-03-27 14:00:15

You Move Me has been the only moving company that I can recommend yo my friends and family. Amazing service and great employees.

Teresia Crosby

2020-03-26 02:00:19

These people took my jewelry and over billed me for my relocation after requesting an invoice they composed a over priced for boxes to offset all the added costs informed me 50hr per man then charged me 55 stated 4 guys charged me for 5 guys even worse moving business ever i am taking legal action against these scoundrels !!!

Dani Petch

2020-02-03 13:04:47

I really don't know how this business takes care of to stay in company in Toronto. They overcharged me and when I whined they ignore my emails. They did not end up the relocating work, and also really lied to me because they wished to leave-- I asked exactly how much was left in the residence and also they informed me a few boxes and two chairs. When I entered into your home later on, I saw that there was way too much for me to relocate myself. They declined to find back the following day to end up the work, as well as I was compelled to employ an additional firm to aid me complete. The moving companies themselves did not know exactly how to pack a truck properly necessitating 2 trips to a storage device. During the journey to the system, I was required to wait on 40 minutes in blistering heat while they disappeared evidently to have lunch. I strongly suggest that everyone avoid this business.

Anna Kornobis

2020-02-03 13:04:26

The only word I can utilize is BE CAUTIOUS. Do not employ this company. I utilized You Move Me to both pack as well as relocate me from one city to the next, upon which damages was done to the condo property by the movers. The business took complete duty (instantly) and assured me, vocally as well as in writing, with multiple e-mails, that they would spend for the problems. Similar to various other consumers, when I adhered to up with the invoice (damage was practically $1,500), I was disregarded, rejected, guaranteed a payment would be made yet never ever was. I obtained jumped around from the regional workplace to headquarters, I invested plenty of hrs, 9 months and nothing, regardless of who I talked with. This firm is less than professional, does not take liability and also does not have in client service. It took employing a law firm as well as legal charges to get You Move Me to focus and take accountability. Please conserve on your own the inconvenience and also lawful charges if something goes wrong.

Bill Kuhlmann

2020-02-03 13:04:04

We used this company for a step into storage space and after that a number of months later right into our residence. We were extremely pleased with the 3 person team who relocated us from our old home. When it was time to relocate right into our new residence they only sent out 2 individuals. Therefore I had to work along side the 2 moving companies to obtain points moved into our house. A leg on a cabinet was damaged in the move as well as for the previous 3 months I have spoken to the franchisor a variety of times as well as have left numerous messages and also e-mails with the local franchisee. I have actually never gotten a telephone call or any kind of other reaction from either. I can just assume they hope I will certainly tire of connecting so they can avoid any kind of expense in addressing the damage.

Beth Pugh

2020-02-03 13:03:45

Estimated 1,000. By the time relocating day arrived I had also less furnishings so completely expected it to be also less. 2 bed room home took them 10 humans resources !!! On the other hand they absolutely harmed a new refrigerator. And they billed us 1700! Been working with a client support individual who is expect to be obtaining a whole new front of fridge replaced as well as refund us the 700. Rather obtained 400. Remain clear if this firm!

Rebecca Blaine

2020-02-03 13:03:25

We moved about an hour away from OKC. Our step was complicated, we needed to load up eventually, store overnight, have the moving companies clean a storage space device the next morning, as well as move both vehicles to our new house the following day. I was a sphere of nerves, however was placed at ease by the treatment our step group (Derek, Cameron, as well as Joel) had with our items. They wrapped each furniture with blankets, tape, and also plastic wrap. Our stuff showed up in spotless condition. Team with considerate and interacted where pieces as well as boxes would address the brand-new residence. Relocating is difficult enough. These individuals did an amazing job. We couldn't have actually asked for a much better experience. Employ You Relocate Me to take the alcohol off your plate!

Chad Edward

2020-02-03 13:03:05

Our experience with You Move Me was frustrating as well as discouraging. We have actually made use of two other moving companies in the past with great outcomes, so our testimonial is composed with some knowledge with quality solution. In August 2019, we got an estimate from You Move Me to aid with some larger products. The quote appeared high, but we were alright with an overestimate if the rate would be upgraded as we relocated items ourselves. We functioned diligently to relocate most of the products, leaving much less total products for them to mover. When the moving companies showed up, they brought three teams and realized it was too little for every one of them, also though we updated them formerly on just how much we moved. They put us in the awkward setting of identifying if and also that would leave. The leave itself appeared to proceed without major case, though there was some miscommunication on what they could/could not take (tractor) and exactly how to disassemble big things. The dump to our brand-new home is where the biggest dissatisfaction in You Relocate Me happened. It did not appear that the movers utilized the very same care as previous moving companies in shielding doors, walls, floors, and so on. Our flooring received scratches, our front door trim suffered a big damage, and our driveway edge was broken substantially. A component of a leg was broken on a cabinet. Items were stagnated to where they required to go, as well as some products were constructed inaccurately (such as the bedframe). The attitudes of the moving companies were also frustrating-- we really felt like they were blaming us for having large/heavy items. Work seemed much slower on the unload, as well as we often captured a number of the moving companies loafing. Their language, specifically within earshot of our youngsters, was not professional, including sex-related referrals as well as cursing. Ultimately, the expense was much greater than prepared for (though they claimed it was under the initial inflated price quote); if the service equaled with the service, this would certainly have been appropriate, yet the damage to the home and also moved products, attitude of the moving companies, and also headache we experienced attempting to move things to where we desired made the whole experience annoying. This contrasts considerably with You Move Me's motto and objective statement, which calls right into inquiry the genuineness of their words. When faced with our concerns over the experience, we received an email trying at fault us for most of the difficulties and providing vacant promises to attend to broken things. Possibly some staffs are better than others with You Move Me, but our experience was disappointing and irritating. With numerous moving companies contending for organisation, we will never ever employ You Relocate Me once again, as well as we highly advise others to steer clear of from them.

Regina Humphrey

2020-02-03 13:02:41

It was dreadful, not a piece of furniture I moved was not scratched upon unboxing. I had an assistant desk and when they took down the storage space system door it tore off both edges, my $1900 brand-new frig was so dinged up no one would also take it. When I called the business I obtained a massive run around as well as they never paid me a dime for destroying my furnishings. NEVER would certainly I utilize this firm, NEVER

Der Salk

2020-02-03 13:02:20

We used You Relocate Me for a current regional step. Evidently You Relocate Me contracts with neighborhood moving companies and has little oversight. I was not given with the special boxes they market neither did they offer various other features advertised. The movers showed up in an unmarked truck as well as just one individual put on a logo Tees. I needed to call You Relocate Me to confirm they were official.

Talya Rothfeld

2020-02-03 13:02:05

I was shown an estimate on a phone belonging to one of the crew members, the early morning of the move. This consisted of packing aid. It was estimated at 5-6 hours of solution. I would certainly be charged per hour. It wound up taking them a stunning 12 hours, and my bill was over 3k. I never ever would have consented to this task had I understood it would have taken 12 hours. You Move Me controlled my whole relocating procedure, causing my final expense to escalate. I believe they did this intentionally which I was scammed.

Jerry West

2020-02-03 13:01:53

Moving is definitely a hassle. The whole procedure was dealt with in a friendly, professional fashion. Alex, Brock, and also Ethan did a wonderful work for us! Though somewhat over the price quote, I was very happy with Youmoveme. If you have to sustain the trauma of a relocation, I highly suggest them!

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