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333 S.E. 2nd Ave, Suite 2000, Miami, FL 33131, USA

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James Massie

2020-04-03 20:00:19

No onsite price quote and also so ultimate price is tremendously pumped up even though we strolled via the house and also explained every item over the phone. Firm offered a discount much less than 1% of action expense as an apology, however it came with a type which would have eliminated my right to file claims on any type of damage so I passed. I do not recommend this business and also would not utilize them again if the action was free.

Sheryl Scott

2020-04-03 09:02:10

I called U.S. Standard Moving & Storage that exact same Saturday afternoon around 4pm and also explained my scenario. I will certainly call them whenever we are moving again.

Donna Bussiere

2020-04-03 05:00:14

They are an excellent movers. They arrived on time. They are very punctual and they packed all the luggage safely. They take care of our stuff more than we did. They are super conscious with their work.

James Crabb

2020-04-03 00:00:58

I am pretty flabbergasted at so many positive reviews of this company on google. It was based on these numerous positive reviews that I booked this company. I made a huge mistake! They charged me $2600 above the estimate to move me from a 2 bedroom apartment in MD to a 2bedroom apartment in GA. While I had very little breakage, I have missing items, the movers did not put back together all of the stuff they took apart, in one instance, kicking some of the extra parts under the bed. They packed my stuff in a haphazard illogical manner that made my next day unpacking feel like a evil game of hide and seek. They left me and my 68 year old disabled mother to lift a 50 inch flatscreen and a 32 inch old style box TV. I ended up having to hire someone to lift or for me. The mover were unprofessional, using frat boy humor in front of me and my mom. Communication both before and after the move was nonexistent. When you complain, they.point to the contract they have you sign which says you are required to move with them once you make your deposit or you forfeit. I do not recommend them.

Jose Carlson

2020-04-02 20:01:53

They billed me $2600 over the estimate to move me from a 2 bedroom apartment or condo in MD to a 2 bedroom house in GA. They packed my things in a careless not logical way that made my following day unloading really feel like a wicked video game of look for as well as conceal. When you grumble, they.point to the contract they have you authorize which states you are needed to relocate with them when you make your down payment or you surrender.

Matthew Crowell

2020-04-02 04:00:20

We simply utilized U.S. Standard Moving & Storage Corp to move back into the city and also our mover's team from U.S. Standard Moving & Storage Corp business were awesome. They started a little bit late yet promptly made up for the time and also didn't bill us for the absent time.

Richard Litten

2020-04-01 09:00:39

My 81 year old aunt called them to come move her too another town and they told her one price then called back and told her a different price then one of the employees called her and told her not to listen to any one but him and called off his personal phone ! Then she called back and told them she was gonna cancel cause she couldn’t afford the price after they quoted her three different amounts and told her that she would not get her deposit back ! So this company sucks how do you treat the elderly people like that.

Joshua Brewster

2020-04-01 08:01:10

I've moved a few times and hired good movers. U.S. Standard Moving & Storage Corp took the protection and care of my stuff to a new level. Not a scratch was seen and there was no damage on anything. Plus they were on-time or early to every estimate. The lead was an absolute great and everyone was some amazing persons.

Shelby Miller

2020-04-01 04:01:09

I just used these guys over the weekend for a very fast move. They were nothing but friendly, professional and efficient. The U.S. Standard Moving & Storage Corp were just amazing at what they could do. My new apartment wasn't the easiest place to move into but they found a way to move my couch and made my move very much stress free. Thanks guys.

Christopher Taylor

2020-03-31 00:00:25

There were no damaged and scratched item, and none were any of the items we mentioned were missed. Everything that we called out they took exceptional care of and arrived without a scratch. I highly recommend them.

Steven Cronin

2020-03-28 23:00:12

They are the worst. After giving me a decent quote after much haggling.. They send you the contract. Email and call till signed. They do not highlight that because you are moving 2400 miles it will take 2-14 BUSINESS days to arrive . Ours took 23 BUSINESS days. My daughter asked driver on pick up and he said it would be about a week. When arranging for pick up the representative went over delivery and explained there was extra charges if the had to go over 100 feet and more than one flight. She never went over that furniture would be delivered in tractor trailer and there would be a additional 350 dollar charge if truck could not fit in complex. They will do anything to get you business .

Jeffrey Sabin

2020-03-28 22:00:12

Trusted them to move my stuff across the country only to be told that my my things weighed more than I thought they did and that there would be an extra charge. They try to make it easy to book with them but when it comes time for delivery they screwed it up. Some of my things arrived damaged and their customer service was a joke. Avoid at all costs.

Nathan Kirk

2020-03-28 21:00:15

Our project manager was great. The whole moving crew was professional and trained. In just the few hours we were able to move perfectly because his team was so friendly. On the receiving end in Texas, they helped me in unboxing and setting things up. They are great. Highly recommended,

Mildred Padua

2020-03-27 23:00:11

They quoted me a price and when the movers came, the guy basically doubled the quote. When I called to get the issue resolved, the customer service rep (Ashley) who claims to be a manager was very rude and screaming at me on the phone like I was a child. I gave them very precise numbers about the items I had to be moved and the movers couldn't even fit that in the tiny amount of space I was so called allotted for in their truck. It was so horrible I ended up having to rent a U-Haul truck because I refused to give them anymore money to move the rest of my items in which was way more than what they had packed up. They were very suspicious people, one didn't even move anything he just kept walking around my house like he was scoping it. I even tried to cancel and get my deposit back but I was told that was non refundable so I was basically stuck with them. To top it off, they stole my expensive ladder. This company is the worst.

Larry Jackson

2020-03-26 23:00:54

I didn’t seek them out, they called me, and a man named Mark Ryan was pretty condescending over the phone. He was explaining how it’s against state law to pick up and drop off in one day over state lines (with a rude tone the whole tone). While that’s totally understandable, I had other offers I was more interested in (two other companies said same day was doable) so I politely said that I had to go and that I’d give them a call back if I was interested. He got straight up rude with me then, huffed, and said “obviously it’s not going to work out.” And immediately hung up on me. I would never work with such rude people

Peter Willis

2020-03-26 19:00:45

I would give 100 stars if I could. They told me they couldn't fit me in at the time I needed but then moved whatever it was they had in their schedule in order to accommodate me. Highly professional and experts!

Donald Marques

2020-03-26 01:00:55

The positive reviews of this company are laughable. It is NOT a moving business. This is a booking representative and they are past terrible! They do not touch your personal belongings. They do not reveal they are not a major van line in the booking procedure. , if you desire to terminate they avoid you.. They are misaligned to the core! NEVER make use of a reservation representative as well as never ever utilize a "company" that will not literally check out your things for a quote. We fully regret our decision as well as I hope that anyone who makes the effort to read ALL evaluations counts on the real experiences of genuine people and not the robot assesses they publish daily/weekly that actually say the specific reverse of what this firm actually does. Appalling!

Jose Wilson

2020-03-26 00:00:41

On our means to New York with U.S. Standard Moving & Storage Corp on Friday, the movers were really suit and cooperative with us. They made sure we were satisfied with the packing and loading. I existed throughout guiding them and they were all really professional and also see to it to do whatever I inquired to do.

Gary Johnson

2020-03-25 21:01:12

UNITED STATE Standard Moving & Storage Corp and his group assisted my family relocate out of our nearly 40 years of age residence. They bewared with all of our things as well as set up as well as disassembled every little thing carefully as well as promptly. Surely suggest!

John Coronel

2020-03-25 01:00:24

They will quote a price, get a down payment to lock you in, then give a completely different price. Then as they are the broker and not the actual moving company, the people who do show to move you will give you a completely different price. Of coarse they won’t show up until after American Standards working hours so you can not resolve this new price until the next day, at which point they already have your things and have you trapped. This company is a complete scam, do business with them at your own peril.

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