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About North Van Lines

163 South Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA

Matt Keating

2020-10-17 20:30:21

I could claim a whole lot, but my opinion isn't essential. Review this e-mail from their COO, Meme El Bakry: " M. E. Hello, My name is Meme, Chief Operating Officer of North Van Lines. Enable me to take this time to react with some enjoyable truths, unlike the nonsense in the document from L ****** and M *****. M ******,. Who are you? In fact, we do not care! You are not a consumer of North Van Lines. L *******,. It is quite amazing how much personal information can be located by paying $1 online as well as by only having a name as well as an e-mail (Yes I am chatting regarding you, "M ***"). Based on "M *** s" e-mail I guess we additionally can go online as well as post assesses about "M ***" and also his services. Based on what "M ***" stated apparently, you do not require to get service to trash a firm online so we also can play this game. I ensure you for every action there will be a higher reaction as we will intensely shield our credibility from frauds like you both that assume they can extort a company out of money by intimidating their reputation. We look forward to the incorrect grievances so we can respond with FACTS such as call recordings of Lisa REQUESTING the changes adhered to by lawful action for problems due to libel character assassination. Back to "M ***" CEASE AND DESIST ALL COMMUNICATION OR FRAUDULENT ATTEMPTS OF EXTORTION. Further interaction after this official request to Cease and Desist will certainly be taken into consideration harassment according to N.J.S.A 2C:33 -34 (isn't that the best code "M ***") and more incidents of this kind will certainly be reported to appropriate authorities. You're fortunate we haven't reported you yet. But no concerns, our legal team is CC 'd to this e-mail and also they currently have whatever they require to continue, if necessary. FINALLY and also MOST IMPORTANTLY, William Bettler, in behalf of North Van Lines we thanks and also would like to applaud you on your effort as well as praise you on coming to be OCTOBER's Employee of the Month. Regards,. Meme El-Bakry. Chief Operating Office. North Van Lines, Inc.". Super classy? Caution Emptor. Stay away from North Van Lines. What your "Attorney" aka "M ***" need to've informed you is that what you both have sent out to us in creating drops under what the Law calls EXTORTION! It is rather outstanding how much personal info can be found by paying $1 online as well as by just having a name as well as an email (Yes I am talking about you, "M ***"). Based on "M *** s" e-mail I think we likewise can go online as well as post evaluates regarding "M ***" and also his services. Based on what "M ***" stated apparently, you do not need to obtain solution to trash a company online so we too can play this game. Why really did not "M ***," inform you to challenge the repayment?! I'll inform you why, due to the fact that you WILL NEVER win that dispute once we send in our evidence confirming your deceptive actions.

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