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Irina Vartanyan

2021-01-16 13:46:16

They charged me 1,000 mentioning I have more products. They picked up my stuff and also disappeared ... 1 email with my balance. Took things January 4, today January 16, no schedule, when called to discover out they were really discourteous.

Ron Orenstein

2020-12-29 20:56:37

If I could, I would give it an absolutely no star. Deceiving business techniques! My quote for a far away relocation was grossly under estimated so I obtained suckered in and also after they packed the vehicle and they had me, the price virtually increased. I had no selection however to continue due to the fact that I needed to leave the facility that day and also now I need to file a claim against. I youngster you not, essentially caught with my trousers down. And also when my things reached Florida, every box was damaged as well as several broken things. May have been done intentionally. Customer Beware.

Maryann Johanson

2020-12-29 20:56:22


Dave my sales person assured me best rate, he 'd beat any type of cost. He also informed me relocate price is based on weight, as all movers do. After going over items I got 2 quotes, I had 2 big things I wasn't sure we were going to bring. Because we had a bunch of boxes, I was fine with both and recognized it would be a little bit more.

Moving companies revealed up on time, in an unmarked truck. My husband and also I quickly examined the dimension of the vehicle for our step, in-fact my hubby told the 'foreman' it wouldn't fit. Supervisor can be found in to see all of our products that we were mosting likely to move. We were still ending up packaging boxes as well as he guaranteed me his men would assist me no worry (we have infant doubles).

After looking at our items the foreman allow us recognize he was additionally supposed to do a 2nd notice the same vehicle! Based on the information our sales person had actually supplied him he had us at 1100 cubic feet. Which btw we were now paying per cubic foot-not weight! He did his computations, claimed he 'd most likely have to obtain one more vehicle, as well as the price went from approx $6,000 to over $12,000!!! No joke. And also that was with him not charging us for bonus.

The supervisor said he 'd get in touch with send off. He said he would certainly stop at the various other task which wasn't also much away and also come back when we heard from the workplace.

It's 3:30 and NO ONE EVER EVEN HAD THE BALLS TO CALL United States BACK! Thanks Dave Massey and North Van Lines, you conserved us cash and also heartache as we are now utilizing a popular trustworthy firm for half your rate!

Word to any person purchasing, our existing moving company claimed NO reliable company offers FREE storage for your relocation. It's a gimmick and they link the labor cost right into the step similar to what occurred to us. You are intended to pay by WEIGHT, not cubic footage. Remain FAR away from this firm or you WILL get torn off.

When my partner went to obtain the mail there was a water container loaded with piss on our driveway. Actual stylish!

After going over items I got 2 quotes, I had 2 huge things I had not been sure we were going to bring. After going over our products the foreman let us understand he was likewise supposed to do a 2nd pick up on the very same vehicle! He did his estimations, said he 'd probably have to get one more vehicle, as well as the cost went from approx $6,000 to over $12,000!!! No joke. Word to any person buying, our current moving company said NO respectable business gives FREE storage space for your step.

Matt Keating

2020-10-17 20:30:21

I could claim a whole lot, but my opinion isn't essential. Review this e-mail from their COO, Meme El Bakry:

" M. E.


My name is Meme, Chief Operating Officer of North Van Lines. Enable me to take this time to react with some enjoyable truths, unlike the nonsense in the document from L ****** and M *****.

M ******,.

Who are you? In fact, we do not care! You are not a consumer of North Van Lines.

L *******,.

It is quite amazing how much personal information can be located by paying $1 online as well as by only having a name as well as an e-mail (Yes I am chatting regarding you, "M ***"). Based on "M *** s" e-mail I guess we additionally can go online as well as post assesses about "M ***" and also his services. Based on what "M ***" stated apparently, you do not require to get service to trash a firm online so we also can play this game.

I ensure you for every action there will be a higher reaction as we will intensely shield our credibility from frauds like you both that assume they can extort a company out of money by intimidating their reputation. We look forward to the incorrect grievances so we can respond with FACTS such as call recordings of Lisa REQUESTING the changes adhered to by lawful action for problems due to libel character assassination.

Back to "M ***" CEASE AND DESIST ALL COMMUNICATION OR FRAUDULENT ATTEMPTS OF EXTORTION. Further interaction after this official request to Cease and Desist will certainly be taken into consideration harassment according to N.J.S.A 2C:33 -34 (isn't that the best code "M ***") and more incidents of this kind will certainly be reported to appropriate authorities. You're fortunate we haven't reported you yet. But no concerns, our legal team is CC 'd to this e-mail and also they currently have whatever they require to continue, if necessary.

FINALLY and also MOST IMPORTANTLY, William Bettler, in behalf of North Van Lines we thanks and also would like to applaud you on your effort as well as praise you on coming to be OCTOBER's Employee of the Month.


Meme El-Bakry.

Chief Operating Office.

North Van Lines, Inc.".

Super classy? Caution Emptor. Stay away from North Van Lines.

What your "Attorney" aka "M ***" need to've informed you is that what you both have sent out to us in creating drops under what the Law calls EXTORTION! It is rather outstanding how much personal info can be found by paying $1 online as well as by just having a name as well as an email (Yes I am talking about you, "M ***"). Based on "M *** s" e-mail I think we likewise can go online as well as post evaluates regarding "M ***" and also his services. Based on what "M ***" stated apparently, you do not need to obtain solution to trash a company online so we too can play this game. Why really did not "M ***," inform you to challenge the repayment?! I'll inform you why, due to the fact that you WILL NEVER win that dispute once we send in our evidence confirming your deceptive actions.

John Battaglia

2020-09-20 02:50:21

We just recently made use of North Van Lines to relocate from NYC to North Carolina. The process started well, the booking representative was really responsive as well as updated quotes when we went via the huge amount of furniture and also items to relocate. This began as an excellent experience, we got our updated quotes and made a decision that this was the firm to choose.

Do not make the same mistake we did - look somewhere else.

The movers turned up, regarding 13 personnel and also began covering furnishings as well as moving boxes right into the 2 vehicles that showed up. Begun excellent as well as rapidly dropped hillside. Backstory - all of our boxes were plainly labeled for their destination and also supplementary stickers like HEAVY as well as FRAGILE to assist the moving companies.

- Stickers ignored

- My other half as well as I intervene several times as the moving companies were turning over FRAGILE boxes and loading them on the base of the vehicle and also tossing HEAVY boxes ahead.

- Furniture was swiftly covered as well as they dismantled furnishings to 'minimize space'. When it got here, we believed this was wonderful to reduce down on square video footage as well as the agreement we authorized was to pack as well as REASSEMBLE furniture

- Several more discussions regarding negligence with vulnerable boxes, furnishings not being wrapped together and as well as the negligence of their action of the bigger items.

- The residence we were leaving endured plaster damages, baseboard damages, stair damage as well as some HUGE scrapes on the floorings. Every one of which I needed to after that fix.

- Given a new quote at 33% greater for the 2 complete trucks, oh when it arrived it only suit 1 and 1/3 trucks so I am not exactly sure exactly how we spent for the two complete truck square footage that was poorly packed to receive associate only 2/3 the ability.

After numerous weeks vehicle one gets to 1 PM, two guys and no tools to work (no hand vehicles, no box cutters, no devices) vehicle two apparently damaged down and also was going to be 5 hours behind them as they refilled onto one more truck.

- This very first team was excellent, extremely specialist and also dealt with plans with treatment - after I ran to Lowes and also acquired a hand truck on our dollar.

- my spouse and also I needed to action in and also help to try to get this carried out in an affordable amount of time with restricted guys.

- half of packages were harmed, as well as even several of the difficult plastic storage space totes were cracked or squashed. I recognize the vehicle team did not load the boxes and also this was most likely the filling team back in NY yet we were dissatisfied and also they were at least compassionate.

- We were all done by 5PM and they claimed the other vehicle had 4 guys and also all the furniture (Truck 1 was all our boxes), so they would restore and dump. We thanked them and also awaited truck 2.

- Several contact the truck and also they arrive, at 8:39 PM. When I asked about the lateness and also my problem of them not ending up till far too late, dispatch guaranteed me they have 4 men as well as will get it carried out in under 2 hrs. Well truck 2 had 2 people, no hand trucks, no dollies, no box cutters, and no tools - inform me how do you reconstruct furniture with no tools.

- This group was totally amateur. I understand it was a lengthy day for them with their truck breaking down and having to reload all the products, but that is not on us nor the job. Place that behind you as well as get to work.

Once more my better half as well as I started bring the furniture in and also getting it done for them as they didn't appear to care regarding moving in any rush or being mindful with our possessions. We ended up discharging the truck around 11:40 PM and asked concerning them placing the furnishings together to which they responded we don't know how to do that.

Lengthy story to get to the factor of choose another company as we are currently dealing with North Van Lines to obtain our refund for services not rendered as well as numerous damaged furniture pieces and harmed boxes.

The movers showed up, concerning 13 staff as well as started wrapping furnishings and relocating boxes right into the 2 vehicles that showed up.- Several telephone calls on the truck and also they arrive, at 8:39 PM. Well truck 2 had 2 people, no hand trucks, no dollies, no box cutters, and also no tools - tell me exactly how do you reconstruct furnishings with no devices.

I comprehend it was a lengthy day for them with their truck breaking down as well as having to reload all the materials, but that is not on us nor the work. We finished unloading the truck around 11:40 PM and also asked regarding them putting the furniture together to which they responded we do not understand just how to do that.

Kendra Arzu

2020-09-12 21:20:26

I called as well as got 3 quotes North Van was 1. Cheryl says no trouble as well as allow me recognize if you have any type of concerns. I obtain a telephone call from the dispatcher claiming he is on the way for 12pm.

Next day they reveal. They will attempt to sidetrack. IF YOU DECIDE TO STILL USE THEM FROM THIS REVIEW, WATCH THEM LIKE HAWKS. They start packing and also I notice they start unboxing my draws. I inform them quit which Cheryl claimed they would certainly take the entire thing. THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE THE PRICE GO UP. I was just taking 1 room of my 732sq home that was 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths as well as all of an unexpected it developed into 950sq room taken in the truck which is double what they priced quote.

At this time with the excess I called my company pissed and also they claimed moving companies LIE. I decide to call as well as stated hello I stated I can get distribution and also I have not listened to anything. Sales said it would be $400Let's rewind to the sales discussion where she stated the shuttle is minimum $400.

I stated Cindy how does a shuttle go from $400 to $712. I said Cindy I recognize it claims minimum but where is the expense malfunction. She stated my motorist claimed he is using a shuttle and also that's what you are going to get!

At this time with the excess I called my business pissed and also they claimed moving companies LIE. I make a decision to call as well as stated hi there I claimed I can get distribution as well as I haven't listened to anything. Sales said it would be $400Let's rewind to the sales conversation where she stated the shuttle is minimum $400. I claimed Cindy I know it states minimum yet where is the cost failure. She said my vehicle driver said he is making use of a shuttle as well as that's what you are going to get!

Roee Az

2020-05-13 21:02:24

They inform you everythings consisted of on the sales telephone call and after that nickle and also dollar you, entirely against their word. These individuals tried billing me a covid19 cleaning cost, yet their chauffeurs show up with no masks, getting right up on me, as well as touching things in my house with no respect. They damaged my floors as well as claimed it was my responsibility to inform them to use care.

Herbert Armstrong

2020-05-05 14:00:35

nitureas the most awful experience EVER !!

I might have rented a dumpster as well as simply trashed all my own things.

They essentially ROLLED our furniture as well as boxes across the grass and right into your house!


Our Mom had actually just passed and also I wanted to relocate my Sister her andmy Mom's possessions to Texas.

I'm 68, my Sister 63 as well as we had to relocate our own furnishings and also boxes right into the house ourselves to maintain the "moving companies" from ROLLING our possessions.

No money can change the damage they did.

All my Sisters belongings and also our Mothers memories SMASHED!

Boxes of broken meals and memories, broken furnature is what we got for $7600!

They ROLLED, end over end a workdesk, hutch, island, cabinets and also all the boxes.

My Sister hasn't quit crying. Every memory of our Mother ruined!! All her valuables damaged and also for this we had to pay $ 7600

Mark Ratz

2020-02-18 12:00:38

However company is not experienced with lengthy relocations. Relocating trucks are old and also no ramps. Furniture is slide throughout floor of truck and afterwards toppled over several times to reach door. Then slide of side of vehicle to ground. Shipment time price quotes are not accurate. Required to confirm area fees extremely accurately As I was overcharged dramatically. Finally needed to put a tape step to truck to verify that they are overcharging substantially. Please take into consideration thoroughly when relocating valuable items.

Cesar Rodriguez

2019-10-14 16:01:45

The most awful moving business I ever made use of. They do not appreciate the ETA's time and additionally they do not comprehend the distinction between ETA and verification. I got a telephone call from the motorist stating that next day my stuff will certainly be getting here in between 1 to 7 pm. Lastly throughout the shipment day I got a phone call from the motorist at 4:00 p.m. that they won't be able to provide my things up until following day ... so on clearly I got concerned because they can not play with the time of others similar to this. The customer solution people is discourteous and also they no do not understand what does client satisfaction suggests. Please stay much from this business.

Marilyn B Kelty

2019-09-09 07:00:35

This company billed me an extra 800.00 because they had a vehicle that was as well huge to come into my neighborhood. I needed to pay or they could have brought my points in a smaller sized truck but it would cost me 750.00 plus storage to reschedule. This is crazy where they got my points the block was smaller. My boxes were ruined, totes was damaged, things were missing out on and broken. If you can provide absolutely no stars that is what they are worthy of.

Ash N

2019-06-24 02:01:21

It was such a remarkable experience that I never thought of that it would be. My initial step was horrible yet North Van Lines made it easy, simple and also amazing. None of my items were harmed or cracked. I had 2 impressive all new TVs with border system they all involved me in the new house in awesome working problems.

I am so pleased with the action.

Kelly B

2019-06-24 02:01:03

I collaborated with Cheryl on coordinating a long-distance move throughout nation. She worked tirelessly to get me the finest deal she could as well as researched all opportunities for finding me discounts that related to my scenario. Throughout the moving process, when I was not able to talk because I was busy with other work, Cheryl was persistent and also respectful regarding finding a time to speak that functioned for me and followed up equally as assured. I very suggest their services to anybody aiming to relocate long-distance or otherwise. Having an experienced, specialist contact that reacted to my individual circumstance as well as paid interest to my moving needs and also problems truly made a difference to me!

Thanks, Cheryl!


Milford, PA

James Demesvar

2019-06-24 02:00:48

Simply had my step today from New York City to ATl.My original charged was mean to be $1200 plus $302 deposit based on 343 cubic area. Till the chauffeur charged me for an added 257 cubic.Because I had a furnishings with glass, He claimed that it would take even more spaced.He charged me for 600 cubic area rather than 343. And also billed $225 bucks for every staircase situation which were just 2 since the initial was free.Then one more $27.45 for a small boxes added. Which brought my total to $3,445 plus I provided $200 gratuity. Worst firm ever ensure you double inspected be concur.

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