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Jose Cart

2020-10-23 16:21:02

All the others testimonials are real, Joe makes a great sales pitch as well as prices quote 1 price and after that it winds up being totally different as well as so expenditure!!! quotes at regarding 275 and last price wound up being 1225!!! crazy costs for some plastic cover as well as traveling charges and training fees. they load your furniture in the vehicle and then hold it there as well as will not dump up until you pay. they such as only getting money and also will certainly charge you 10% transaction cost if you urge to pay with card. YOUVE BEEN WARNED

Oscar Font

2020-10-17 21:16:17

You call into Twomanmoving and also get turned over to A couple of movers. You will certainly not obtain a copy of the contract, the men who work on the work "pretend" not to talk english however they do. You will not get a specialist however you will plainly recognize that if you get to that number you have been SCAMMED and at that factor there is nothing you can do regarding it.

You call right into Twomanmoving and get turned over to A couple of movers. You will not obtain a duplicate of the agreement, the males who function on the job "pretend" not to speak english yet they do. You will not obtain a specialist but you will clearly comprehend that if you get to that number you have actually been SCAMMED as well as at that point there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Emmanuel Mavrakis

2020-10-10 19:42:18

They make an excellent sales pitch on the phone then hold your furnishings hostage until you pay the" extra" journey cost for the relocating team to go back to their office. Overcharged me!

Keep away!!

Sylena Buchanan

2020-10-04 06:26:20

Wow I want I had checked out the testimonials before using this firm. I was provided a cost effective quote. Both men get to 9:45 am as well as did not finish till 1:35. Did not get here to my location for decrease till 7:30 mentioned the vehicle began to over heat. Of course I had to contact us to find out that this had happened and when they arrived they mentioned I needed to pay upfront before they can unload as well as when I took a at the bill, it was $2206. I nearly went into heart attack, originally I was told $450. My error was not taking a look at the evaluations prior and also signing the paper prior to they started to move my things, that's where they get you since after you authorize they create the high price. I just had $600. I had to borrow cash from child and also partner. I was devastated and crying. I'm absolutely harmed over this due to the fact that I truthfully did not have that type of money and also they would certainly have maintained my furniture if I did not pay $2206, they wouldn't also take into consideration bringing the rate down, and also I had my little ones with me to witness me weeping trying to identify exactly how we were going to get our furnishings. Lesson found out!!! This will never took place to me once again !!! and I wish your business falls apart !!!! You expect money in that quantity from people in this difficult time! Plus I had my young children with me. You individuals are a swindle!!!!

Jeannette Saraiva

2020-09-27 05:44:14

If I went over it would be $75 human resources. The initial vehicle had a level tire on 75. The 2nd vehicle showed up and they primarily tossed my valuables within.

Mark Delenclos

2020-09-19 18:55:13

- The truck showed up 2h30 late with a false excuse

- The manager Michael answered my first phone call to ask forgiveness for being late after that composed a reason saying the truck had an issue with a tire and also told me he was sending out another team from Aventura.

- The vehicle driver secured the truck on arrival, leaving keys within. another 15 min waste.

- The movers featured me for quote yet I had to inform them to take carts with them in order not to squander even more time coming back down empty hands.

- The vehicle driver made me sign an agreement including fuel and also driving time costs that were not meant to be there (" no covert charges, my buddy"). Time was running as well as I only might schedule our building elevator up until 4 pm so made a decision to sign.

- We were 3 people helping out a couple of movers to reduce all the bulk stuff to the truck and in our own personal automobiles (SUV) so regarding save time and make it in time.

- All our stuff was well prepared (50 boxes), furniture dismantled, nothing beneficial (no packing or defense essential), and we closed the vehicle's door at 2:14 pm (I still needed to warn them concerning some furniture not affixed correctly inside ...). As I stroll to my auto to blaze a trail, They tell me they needed to quit at gasoline station on the means (seriously???). I made a decision to wait and go for them at my brand-new house (15 minutes away). Only 45 min they turned up, no explanation, no apologies.

- The truck vehicle driver asked me to pay full quantity prior to they unload the vehicle. He claimed, "call my manager". As he never ever addresses any longer, I informed them to have him call me.

On the phone, I informed Michael, "so you finally return my call ...". You were bitching all day to have it done prior to 4 pm for your fucking lift, and also we made it in time! And also if they weren't 2h30 late, it could be 1 pm at that time.

- As the supervisor hung up the phone without paying attention to me (he was chatting over me), I hesitated the vehicle entrusts all my things so I called the authorities (local residence patrol).

In the meanwhile, being stuck to time, determined as soon as again to pay, based upon their price quote of discharging time.

After I authorized, the vehicle vehicle driver (who was a very great individual, always calm and also duplicating it is not his business, he's simply a moving company), informed me everything I required to understand:

> The team in charge of my moving were initially the team of Aventura given that the start. There was nothing else team ever before involved. They were late due to the fact that of their previous customer.

> Manager never ever responds to the phone so the client has no various other choice than paying (in 99% of the time).

> The agreement I signed is completely unlawful as well as I ought to never sign such a contract.

The moving companies unloaded the truck in 2h30 (longer than they approximated, I paid the extra time as ideas to them (a bit much more, $50 each) as well as I extremely recommended them to transform business.

Keep in mind:

- Joe was a gentleperson doing my quote. Never ever sent me the agreement beforehand.

- Michael is the terrible awful nasty manager.

My guidance:

Keep away. Let this business die without even more customers as well as with any luck, those moving companies will certainly be used someplace else.

- The truck vehicle driver made me authorize a contract adding fuel and driving time charges that were not meant to be there (" no covert charges, my pal"). Time was running and I just can schedule our structure elevator up until 4 pm so decided to authorize.

- All our things was well prepared (50 boxes), furnishings disassembled, absolutely nothing beneficial (no packing or defense necessary), and we closed the truck's door at 2:14 pm (I still had to warn them about some furnishings not attached appropriately inside ...).- The vehicle vehicle driver asked me to pay full amount prior to they unload the vehicle. And also if they weren't 2h30 late, it might be 1 pm at that time.

Chris Fierros

2020-09-19 18:54:47

This business is a total sham, makes use of a bait as well as switch tactic assuring a low $75 flat price, and after that charges 4 times for as much. I received a quote to move a workshop apartment or condo from Parkland to Coral Springs (4 miles) for $225.00 (3 hrs at $75.00 per hour) level price all inclusive. The home was currently loaded up and also it took them only 3.5 hours to get everything to my home. Upon arrival I existed with an invoice for $1,133.50 which did consist of the initial quote of 3.5 hrs + an additional charge for 3.0 hrs as apparently these 2 men drove a substantial relocating truck right from Homestead FL for a 3 hour relocating task. There was $479 in packing materials as well as then some fees for real packing as well as unpacking. On top of all these insane added charges they want 10% debt card costs. That is extortion.

Roger Poulin

2020-09-19 18:54:29

Believe all "1 celebrity" reviews.

This so called moving company is entitled to "no" stars

Definitely disgraceful just how this firm can exist.

Less than professional


DO NOT consider them under any conditions.

Their price is very deceptive.

Client service is non- existence.

Proprietor Mike puts all blame on his drivers and neglects to work out problems.

Steer clear of

Lee Pta

2020-09-19 18:54:15

The Guys came promptly in a timely manner as well as moved our tools quick as well as easily. Nothing was harmed and the men were very respectful.

Jon Bb

2020-06-28 19:00:36

Joe informed us that it was 75/hr with a minimum of 3 hours. After they showed up and also loaded truck and relocated the furnishings 3 miles, they would not unload until we paid them $1260.00. They billed $120.00 for fuel and transportation of 3 miles.

Becki Porter

2020-06-27 02:00:20

My daughter arranged an action at 9:30, after obtaining several reasons and also justifications for them not revealing up, we recognized at around 1pm that they weren't showing up. Luckily they didn't get a down payment or credit report card info, simply not certain what they got out of organizing a relocation and not revealing up!! They can not be a legitimate business.

David Hanson

2020-06-18 22:00:17

They appeared very early to do a 2 bed room step from 3rd floor to a new structure with an elevator. 1 product was harmed yet I was paid within 3 weeks. If not for that I 'd offer 5 celebrities. Thanks to Igor and Ivan for the outstanding service. They actually are 2 bears !!!

Katie Johnson

2020-05-28 15:00:22

I wish I had listened to these evaluations. Joe estimated me $75 per hr and also stated that also though their system needed a 3 hr minimum, I would only be billed for 2 hrs if that's the moment it required to move the small apartment worth of furnishings (two tiny cabinets, two publication instances, 12 boxes). He recommended I have about $200 money simply in situation the moment went a little previous two hrs.

The team didn't reveal at the scheduled 9 am time. I attempted calling all phone number and also sent messages with the internet site. Joe ultimately reacted on the internet saying he was off work, yet the team had an emergency the night prior and also another team would be on their way that morning. The team (one center aged man and an older male) appeared in a substantial vehicle about 2 hrs late. They felt like they had actually never relocated anything prior to - moving really gradually, lugging one box each time, being in their vehicle - to run up the clock. The 2 homes are 8 minutes apart, as well as they unloaded every little thing gradually and also ended up precisely 2 hours later.

Due to the fact that of the 3 hr minimum, they told me I owed $258. I said back and got their boss on the phone (he really did not supply his name). He said I was lucky that they damaged firm policy by unloading before taking my repayment as well as that they provided me an offer due to the fact that travel time must have gotten on top of the 3 hr minimum. He likewise claimed if I didn't have enough cash to pay, I might make use of a card for the remainder - like I do not understand just how financial resources work. Due to the fact that it had not been going anywhere, I ended up hanging up on him.


Joe estimated me $75 per hr and also stated that also though their system called for a 3 hr minimum, I would only be billed for 2 hours if that's the time it took to move the workshop house well worth of furniture (two small dressers, two book situations, 12 boxes). He suggested I have about $200 cash simply in case the time went a little past 2 hrs.

The two homes are 8 mins apart, and also they unloaded whatever slowly and also finished exactly two hrs later.


2020-05-28 05:00:18

This company appeared to have been the right action (no word play here planned), up until it wasn't ... Carlos estimated my mom a certain price as well as also mentioned that there would certainly be no extra prices such as traveling fees. It took the moving companies an unbelievable amount of time to dismantle furniture as well as tons it onto the truck, and to add fuel to the fire, when we reached the storage unit nearly 20minutes far from your home we were relocating from, the movers recognized they left their devices and my BROTHER had to go back for them ... throwing away time they charged my mom for! To make it even worse, we reach the new house and also they inform my mommy a cost DOUBLED what was set with Carlos and also held our things captive up until it was paid. Carlos magically disappeared as well as wouldn't answer our telephone calls (how practical). As well as on top of the increased charges, they tried to charge a 5.5% charge for utilizing a card. A cost that one of the policemans existing (we called the cops that could not help since this scam prevails) stated was ILLEGAL to bill because the business itself currently pays for that charge. My mother is ill and also was already emphasized about the move, as well as this terrible firm only made it even worse! 0/10, would certainly NOT advise.

Learn more at:

Cristina Miller

2020-05-27 14:00:19

My spouse and I were moving for job and also Carlos contacted us after I obtained quotes for a relocation from Lake to Volusia County. The cost was affordable, he was extremely positive regarding examining in to ensure we didn't require anything or have any type of concerns, we in fact talked a hr before their specified arrival time, and afterwards ... absolutely nothing. It's made a currently demanding situation a lot more so, yet judging by what I'm seeing right here and in other places, we evaded a bullet (and also I discovered an important lesson concerning * scanning * google for evaluations as opposed to thoroughly investigating).

Mary E Danley

2020-05-26 16:00:37

I assumed I had Big Movers outsmarted. Every single time I've made use of a moving company, it has been overpriced, items damaged, and a headache. This time around I've relocated almost 7 mass items locally myself. As various other customers, I was estimated $75/hr. With the later 3 hour minimum that I was notified mid-move, it needs to have been $225. In true moving firm fashion, they waited till all my things was on the vehicle and also at my new location prior to giving me my total amount with an amount that was dual that consisted of the classic covert costs that were not talked about during the suave preliminary phone examination. There was additionally a 5.5% charge for a credit card. I was not notified of this to have cash prepared ahead of time. I paid $60 per item for just 7 things to be moved.

Since they brought up on their own that the moving companies would certainly have face masks and also handwear covers, I additionally chose this firm. I'm an immunocompromised person that needed to relocate during a pandemic. No handwear covers were worn (not sensible anyways). The masks were not used correctly as well as only for the very first part of the step. I needed to ask to use them to unload. I was sweating as well under my mask.

Carolina Grunbaum

2020-05-15 15:00:56

Really impolite, they started to put points on the vehicle, they cover 2 TVs and also 3 bed mattress, they never told us that this had an extra cost. We went to the brand-new home (10 minutes away) and also upon arrival shows us the agreement that I had currently signed for $ 75 with extra info that the agreement on my signature that I did not authorize or was unaware, the amount increased from $ 225 to $ 1150 (475$ in package cost?????) and also they told us that if we didn't pay they wouldn't give us points. We spoke with the meant owner of the business who claimed "kindly" would certainly give us a price cut of $ 1,150 to $ 1,000 but that he would certainly leave things at the entrance of the residence.

Igor Rodriguez

2020-05-09 03:02:40

great step generally, they took a little bit longer than anticipated because i had some things that they required to load yet they were carefull as well as used mask and gloves, i would certainly offer a 4 celebrity but the movers did not have adjustment for $100 as well as we had to drive to the gasoline station to put gas. Wonderful moving companies

Danielle Perez

2020-05-09 03:02:23

Horrible fraudsters !!!!!

My quote was 225$ for 2bed town house to Home bed home. I called the guy-Joe who gave me quote and also he said there was nothing he could do as well as a manager would certainly call me. Joe stated if I really did not pay that cost they would certainly not unload my things as well as take it to junk backyard.

Adam Arshes

2020-05-09 03:02:01

They market themselves as a different firm on 'use up' the phone reps that every person is discussing in the testimonials listed below are readily available when reserving the move and also they imitate they are the owners as well as procedure of the business to make you really feel safe. Anyways, very same thing occurred to me that took place to every person else in the evaluations below theyquoted me 75 per hour as well as I finished up with an expense of $1900 that I needed to pay or else they would not unload my things. Please be careful in reserving these movers. largest rip-off ever!

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