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Clark Niepert

2020-04-02 23:00:10

This actually should be a NO star review. The movers were over 8 hours late to pick up our goods to be moved. Their original truck broke down...we were told. Movers were in a huge hurry to load their truck because it was getting dark in mid-October. During the loading, a box containing my wife's jewelry, which was separate from the move items, was loaded, even though they were told not load it. They were in a big hurry to get back to Chicago. The lead man said so. The lead man asked us when the soonest day for delivery should be and we said in 4 days, that coming Saturday would work. After our arrival in FL and the truck didn't arrive on Saturday, I called to find out that it could be as long 12 more days. Had we known that and that the boxes would be offloaded in Chicago, put in storage and then reloaded to come down to FL, we would have asked them to pull the box before they left. We left the next day for FL, thinking everything would be down on Saturday as previously told to us. On the last day to deliver the two guys and a 53' semi trailer show up again 8 hours late at 6:30 in almost dark conditions. Trailer had no interior lights. My wife and I had to help unload the trailer as it began to rain. After over 3 hours of unloading everything was in the house. There was NO actual checking off of the numbered boxes because the two guys were unloading boxes and putting them in the house. One box actually had 3 red number labels on it. I told the lead mover that. He said that happens in transit. It took about 10+ days to unpack all of the many boxes because the boxes weren't placed in the rooms indicated because of the rain. After everything was unpacked, we discovered that the jewelry never made to FL. Called Julie and Ava and they started to check on the missing moving box. On the 11/25/19 filed a claim because no box was recovered. Since we didn't insure the jewelry with them, which by the way wasn't supposed to be moved by Dependable, so, why would we insure it?. Customer Service rep, Marcus W, told me it was our fault that the box was loaded because we were supposed to oversee the operation even after we told them not to take it. Long story short, we have no recourse and they aren't responsible, but they will replace the missing items at .65 cents a pound. We don't recommend this moving company because everything they did, except collect payments, was extremely non-professional and they took no responsibility for their contracted help's actions.. Told by Julie that it would be a seamless move. They would pack and unpack on arrival. None of that happened and valuables disappeared under their watch, in addition to the enormous lack of communication from Dependable during the move. Caveat emptor.

Shawn Glass

2020-03-26 01:01:18

I was nervous at first due to the fact that I had actually never ever listened to of Dependable Movers. The movers put my Televisions with each other and also both beds were placed back together. I would use this firm once again and also I would certainly inform a close friend concerning this business.

Katharine Campbell

2020-03-19 17:00:47

When I initially talked to a depictive estimating my relocation from Delaware to Arkansas, I was really hopeful concerning this company in spite of it's relatively small size. The rep I talked to (Andrew) guaranteed me that he would be my no. 1 point of contact for the whole relocation, which if I had any concerns he would be there for me. Which he was, at.

When the movers arrived they packaged whatever swiftly and also filled the truck, though I was told that the actual cost would be >$ 600 even more than the cost I was priced estimate for. At the end of the packaging process, there were 2 boxes well worth of items the movers had actually missed out on that I had to explain, and also tape/packing paper left over when they left.

Because the arrival date was MLK day, and also I was provided virtually no head's up, I didn't have cash money on hand and I was unable to get money or an article office cheque as both my bank and also the post workplace was shut. When my products were moved right into the house, I recognized two of my shelfs and also a box fan were damaged, three boxes were missing, and my nightstand was missing out on. Furthermore, they attempted to move in 2 of an additional customers boxes- I just understood they weren't mine due to the fact that they contained a djembe and a keyboard (drum) and I don't own or play either of those instruments.

I got no pick-up and also no response multiple times when I attempted to call my solution associate (Andrew) after the step. I finally connected with an associate who told me that he would call the stock manager and have him try to find my missing out on items, but I never listened to from him again also (2nd ghosting from an employee). I called again and obtained an additional representative on the line who told me he would send me the cases create, and when I asked about the stock supervisor he said something to the tune of "yeah yeah, sure". No claims form, no reaction. The FOURTH person I contacted lastly sent me the insurance claims develop, without guidelines on what to do with it or that to send it to. When again to figure out who to send it to, I had to call.

If I ever obtain a response from claims or a compensation for my missing out on and also broken ownerships, I'll update this message. I have extremely little belief at this moment.

Also long; didn't read:


- Low, small cost.

- Quick packaging, no meals or glassware broken.

- Friendly Reps (when you obtain the quote).


- You need to inspect the packers job- they will leave things behind, including individual things, tape, and also garbage from the packaging process.

- The pricing quote procedure is not accurate, you will pay more when they get there.

- They bill you based upon their PRESUMED quantity of your products. If you have a bookshelf that is just 20 cubic feet, however they note "bookshelf" as 30 cubic feet, you spend for 30 cubic feet instead of the real quantity of your things.

- Virtually no direct when they deliver your items. You vacationing? Difficult! You need to ask off even more than 10 hours ahead of time? Challenging!

- Rigid as well as really odd repayment needs meant to trip you up at distribution.

- Furniture was damaged, furniture was missing.

- Boxes were damaged, boxes were missing out on.

- You may get various other people's things, they might get yours. (Hope someone is truly appreciating my Kitchenaid Mixer right now.).

- Service associates are less competent when points go South.

I'm satisfied every person else has actually appeared to have had an excellent experience with this business however all in all, I've found that Dependable Movers was anything however trustworthy as for my relocation was concerned.

Since the arrival day was MLK day, and I was provided essentially no head's up, I really did not have cash on hand and I was unable to obtain cash money or a blog post workplace cheque as both my bank and the article workplace was closed. When I tried to call my service rep (Andrew) after the relocation, I obtained no feedback and no pickup multiple times. I lastly obtained in touch with an associate that told me that he would call the supply supervisor and also have him look for my missing out on things, however I never heard from him once again as well (2nd ghosting from a staff member). I called again as well as got one more associate on the line that told me he would certainly send me the claims form, and also when I asked concerning the stock supervisor he stated something to the tune of "yeah yeah, sure". The FOURTH person I obtained in touch with finally sent me the cases develop, with no guidelines on what to do with it or who to send it to.

Anthony Ottolini Messuri

2020-03-18 18:00:31

Our step was established a month in breakthrough. 1 week to our relocation day the rep called as well as validated all the information which had actually not changed because the booking was made. 2 days laterwe were informed by the same representative that we had actually been misquoted and that they couldn't do the relocation for less than over double the initial BINDING estimate. They practice trickery scams and gazumping. Gazump is defined as increasing the initial agreed upon rate.

In enhancement to the relocating blunder the consumer assistance personnel is dishonest. I was told by the agent that I would obtain a telephone call with the tracking number on my deposit refund check.

Terry James

2020-03-13 17:37:03

We had a great time functioning with reliable moving companies. We were actually not anticipating the moving procedure altogether say thanks to God for this company because will certainly be possibly would still be sitting in our living area. The procedure was the very same as most Of the various other moving companies and the cost was in the very same range. Due to the fact that of how dynamic they were, the deciding factor of why we picked them over the field was. We truly desired a person to come out as well as see our furnishings they created the idea FaceTime as an alternative. We made sure we took every action that we potentially heard to stay clear of paying extra money on the final payment. In the long run the furniture got here with no damages and also we were not billed a solitary cent more. The customer care was great if we had to do it again they would certainly obtain the job

Tina White

2020-03-13 17:36:36

Before we even reached out to any movers we want to do a little bit of research. We came to this exact website and tried to find a company that was highly rated reputable and been in business for a lengthy amount of time. Dependable Movers said the criteria of what we were looking for. Once we actually began working with them things started to roll fast. Since we were flexible with our pick up date we are able to save ourselves a little bit of extra money. We waited for a truck that was passing through our area with enough space for our household and we got a major discount as a result. The price difference between them and the other companies we spoke to was in the thousands. The movers put together everything that they took apart and even hung TVs for us without a charge they are not it’s strictly for the money I truly believe they want to help each and every client.

Lin Reed

2020-03-11 23:02:20

They are the most reliable business I have actually ever before done organisation with and also I've done organisation with many companies. I move around component of that so I have numerous various other business that I can contrast them versus and nobody is in the very same air as this business. They take the time necessary on every action to make sure you comprehend the pricing as well as the agreement.

Nick Love

2020-03-11 23:02:01

I had no idea How I was going to obtain this action done until I speak to your company. We went to this really risk-free as well as came throughout New Jersey based company called Dependable Movers. The business is really well run and not cash starving they are out to assist people and also my suggestions to to inform them every solitary last product Intended on bringing.

Tim Haan

2020-03-10 19:01:00

Reputable movers had the ability to do what the other moving companies might not. We needed to be chosen up within four days as well as out of the 5 various other firms that called not one of them had schedule to do so. Reputable Movers likewise made this step really affordable for us. Any type of discount that they might provide us they provided us they conserved us so much money we are so thankful that you were the one that we chose. You did not overwhelm us with call as well as didn't constantly request for money. Gave all of us the devices needed as well as provided us our room to examine contrast and make an educated decision. Relocating is possibly among the hardest things we've ever before involved a business like you in our corner our fears considerably lowered. Since our house was offered as well as we really did not have time to do final repair services, a wonderful group of males revealed up to our residence and made certain they relocate slowly and thoroughly. This is absolutely a firm worth talking to. They surprised us with their efficiency and also I'm sure they would certainly do the same for anybody else. Best relocation to day

Tina Moore

2020-03-07 22:01:29

We wished to make certain before devoting to a relocating firm that we would certainly get exactly what we wanted as well as much more significantly the solution would be worth the quantity span. Trustworthy Movers significant every box that we required. The moving companies themselves treated the furniture as if it was their own. We inspected our furniture prior to as well as after the action and located no problems in any way not even a single scratch. I've had a poor experience in the past with moving companies so I was certainly a little cynical regarding several of the things that they were stating. After experiencing the step with them I can truthfully say that they are not like any type of various other company we've ever collaborated with. I would certainly even state it was great at times. When laying out thousands of dollars, wonderful administration wonderful personnel and also precisely what she would expect. Nothing in this world is excellent but when it pertained to our relocation it was the closest thing to it.Thank you to everyone included as well as we will be referring you for certain

Rex Cline

2020-03-07 22:01:14

They understand that every action is initial as well as that each individual's step suggests a lot to them due to the fact that they're relocating furniture that's been with them for primarily a life time. Outside of ourselves we placed our count on in Dependable Movers because of all the great things we saw online and located each and everyone of them to be true. They are not a broker and take care of every step themself.

Egerton M Maitland

2020-03-05 22:04:20

This was just one of the worst experiences in my life managing a company. I contracted them to move me in November of 2019 from NJ to SC after obtaining quotes from numerous business. After several conversations with consumer rep J. Brooks who informed me my quote was binding. And she comprehended that I was relocating my life, I obtained a full pack. They required to get a non refundable deposit of $3500. The quote was only excellent till they got my non-refundable deposit. On the day of the step, taking into account I was moving my life 600 miles. The moving companies were 3 hrs late and also after they arrived they told me that unnecessary of the quote my original quote of $12,000 would be $19,000 as well as I might take it or they would certainly just leave and my deposit would certainly be waived. Being that I was held hostage I had no other choice. My complete pack turned right into throwing my garments into boxes, as well as loss of products, products were left and also my telephone calls to supervisors were dismissive and also got to the point where customer service would certainly not help with my questions or concerns. I was told at the move day that they can not give me a day for distribution after packing my life up and us transferring to an additional house.

I had to wire transfer $12,000 for the vehicle to even be verified when we were ultimately able to obtain a delivery day. When the truck brought up I was not also able to confirm this was my residential property without providing the $4,000 balance in cash money.

The full pack as well as shipment ended up to going down off boxes. Not placing TV's as I was assured, boxes of my t-shirts as well as suits fell apart up in the boxes, lost items as well as broken products. Horrible way to start a life elsewhere.

I was informed to send a claim type for shed and damaged items which would certainly take 120 days. That was up last month without interaction from them.

I don't desire anyone else to be scammed by this company and also it cost me thousands of dollars and anxiety which placed me in the healthcare facility to start my new life.

I got them to relocate me in November of 2019 from NJ to SC after obtaining quotes from numerous firms. As well as she understood that I was moving my life, I got a complete pack. The moving companies were 3 hours late and also after they obtained there they informed me that unimportant of the quote my original quote of $12,000 would be $19,000 and I could take it or they would just leave as well as my down payment would certainly be forfeited.

Tim Duncan

2020-03-05 22:03:59

Trustworthy moving companies is the New Jersey base company that runs trucks all across the country. We thought our scenario is distinct but promptly figured out that they listen to situation comparable to ours each and every day. We were given internet sites to verify their company as well as the others that we spoke too. We desired a business that was fairly price and also agreed to work with a limited timeframe. We were constantly able to get to somebody in the office as well as always understood where the truck went to perpetuity. The step went so smooth as well as we couldn't be better as there is no chance we can've done this alone. Thanks truly from my family to yours

Ashley Montella

2020-03-05 22:03:41

Reliable moving companies is outstanding. We've relocated over 5 times in the last 25 years so this was not our first rodeo. We have actually a collected a lot more furnishings than the previous steps in this step happen to be the least expensive out of the various other 5. I feel as if in the past we paid for the name of a firm rather than recognizing that we can get the same level of service if not far better by just doing a little study. Discovered numerous favorable evaluations online as well as examine them out on the department of transport site itself. They were very focus on the information Whereas a few other firms with just pass over several of the smaller points understanding that I pick up they would add up and we will certainly be forced to pay extra funds. After making an appointment deposit we obtained telephone call from quality guarantee which is thier protect for any type of upcharge on distribution. So with any luck our experience will certainly assist someone who remains in the process of picking the ideal relocating firm. These males are not brokers and also the furniture and also never ever leaves the truck.Hopefully will be settled in for several years ahead yet if we do require to move or you will certainly be our only and very first call.

Josh Daniels

2020-03-05 22:03:19

If you do not know currently allow me be the very first to tell you that moving can be extremely costly. And if you didn't recognize relocating is very expensive. We began collaborating with reputable movers after sending an on-line demand. We felt it in our gut that this was the best business but still did our due persistance. They were wonderful enough to examine our various other estimates without being biased we're chatting negative concerning the competitors. Discuss to us how the process functions and also the ideal means for us to save cash in addition to protect yourself in case of an emergency. I additionally arrange for vehicles to be picked up on the exact same day as the movers so every little thing will get here as far as the very same day as feasible. They are very straightforward and flexible I'm extremely easy to speak to her. They did not call us a frustrating quantity or send us an absurd quantity of emails. We put our depend on in them as well as it settled so we simply desired to say thank you for all the hard job and we are thrilled to pass your name along to any individual we know looking for a truthful credible mover.

Bart Evert

2020-03-02 23:01:19

Thanks reputable movers you guys are remarkable. We like the reality that you men speak a language that we comprehend. A few of the competitors felt like they read off Scripps and they reminded us as if they were robots. You men are individual with us and allow us take our time assembling a checklist of products that were to be filled onto the vehicles. We had the ability to call your office or be moved to our sales rep as late as 11:10 PM during the night. The devotion as well as readiness to make the consumer pleased is unrivaled. We are extremely thankful to have found a company that runs the way you do I will always suggest you to family and friends

Joe Lively

2020-03-01 21:01:20

From the time we began with reputable moving companies we were so pleased with the all over solution. Of all the guys that came in for the initial appointment were so respectful as well as described to us everything! Because they were so extensive, we did not have an inquiry for them. After they offered us the relocating date they began time and also began. They made sure to cover our furnishings as well as anything I requested they did. There were no mindsets just professionalism which was terrific. They were on time with the decrease off. Since of trustworthy moving companies, as well as currently we are in our brand-new residence with no stress and anxiety.



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Trish Baer

2020-03-01 21:00:57

Firm to react to your online query. Not to discuss any names from any of the other companies that we spoke to you was fast to talk poor about the competitors, not a single word was talked from reliable movers unless it was concerning their estimate and also what they can do for us. They are the actual relocating business and also not a third-party mover.

Lisa Sampson

2020-02-27 00:01:59

We had such a great experience with Dependable Movers. They maintained us informed throughout the whole action simply letting us understand that our things were all right. I would most certainly utilize Dependable Movers once more and again.

Jim Leon

2020-02-25 19:03:45

Reputable movers truly saved us when we required them the a lot of. We talked to over six different business and we're not delighted with what we had heard back. We are ready to throw in the towel and also just give up and do the relocation ourselves until reliable movers called. We figured out that making use of a professional moving company was an extremely tiny portion much more than us doing it ourselves that included all the labor. The company is quite possibly run as well as management is on top of whatever. We do not have a single whine concerning functioning with this business as well as hope others in the future have comparable experiences

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