The key to enjoying a hassle free move is to stop doing the common mistakes that most people commit. Be it moving from Phoenix to Dallas or any other location, you have to plan properly and keep a checklist that will help you organize yourself better.

The Dont's of Moving

Start with finding a professional and reliable Phoenix moving company. Any service provider who have years of experience in the industry should be capable of meeting your requirement but there are some criteria that will help you determine the right one. Check if the company has associated itself with other accreditation organization and has received positive ratings from them. A genuine provider will always have such credit ratings from both customers and rating bureaus.

If possible, you can check the company's venue in person. See if their trucks are well-maintained, clean and are driven by experienced drivers. Some even allow you to talk to their moving experts without any restrictions. If they are so open, it is usually a good sign that they are reliable and offer high quality service. Before moving to Dallas, confirm the date with the company so that they could be at your residence at the right time without any delay. The pricing could vary based on the day you choose. Going for a weekday could probably get you the best quote.

  • Never create a checklist that involves all the items in your household. It is not a good idea to load everything into the truck and shift them to your new home.
  • The moving quotes will vary based on the weight of the goods. Most homes have unused and broken items which should be disposed of before relocating. It saves you a lot of money.
  • A common mistake that people do is hire a company because they offered the cheapest rates. Sometimes, it could be a scam or low quality of service which is why you should consider other factors as well.
  • Don't forget to tip the labors individually and you can even buy them lunch or a snack to congratulate them for their efficient work. It could probably be five to ten percent of the total bill.
  • Don't load plants into the truck unless you have personally packed them with the right materials. They could easily get damaged if stuffed in along with other heavy items.
  • Never leave your bills, receipts and other important documents in the truck. Such personal stuff are supported to be carried by you, in your own vehicle as chances of losing them is high when it is left among the pile of goods.
  • Last minute hunting for a mover is what most people do which leads to a strenuous experience. Avoid it by beginning your search earlier so that you not only get the best quote but also have enough time to plan and pack.
  • If your new home is not ready to move in, consider renting a hotel room for at least one night. After spending an entire day packing goods, you need a place to rest. It could help you avoid stress before having to unpack them all again.
  • Using ample quantities of markers and bubble wraps is mandatory. Marked boxes are much easier to unbox whereas wraps help you secure your items.